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Terms of Rental


Lease Term:

They typical term of the lease is for 185 days starting in late October and ending late April.  Other lease terms may be available upon request.  Lease terms less than 185 days are subject to a 9% New Hampshire Rooms and Meals tax.

Rent Payment:

The full rent, including prepaid utilities, went applicable, is due and payable on or before 30 days prior to the start of the lease.


Accounts for electricity and, if applicable, propane or fuel oil, will be established in the tenant’s name.  Coldwell Banker Linwood Real Estate will assist with setting up the Tenant’s accounts whenever possible.  Otherwise, Tenant is responsible for setting up of utility accounts.

Cable-TV & Internet Services :

Basic Cable-TV and internet services are included in the rent.  Enhancements to service, such as, premium move channels, etc, are at the Tenant’s expense.

Phone Service:

Most units do not have telephones.  Those that do are limited to local calling only.

Deposit Required:

A security deposit of $1,000 is required to secure a lease.  The Security Deposit is due upon signing of the lease by both parties to the agreement. Coldwell Banker Linwood Real Estate may retain the Security Deposit for up to 30 days following the termination of the lease.


Pets may be allowed with the express written consent of the owner.  However, most homeowners do not allow pets.  If an owner does allow a pet, the Tenant is responsible for a professional cleaning of the carpets and possibly the upholstered furnishings at the end of the lease.


Homes in our inventory are designated as non-smoking.  However, this is not a guarantee.

Snow Removal:

The owners are responsible for removal of snow from driveways and walkways in most cases.  This may vary with single family homes




The tenant is responsible for routine cleaning of the unit during the term of the lease, including trash removal.  In many cases, dumpsters are provided at condominium  communities.  Housekeeping services are available from local providers.

The tenant is responsible for a professional cleaning at the conclusion of the lease.  Coldwell Banker Linwood Real Estate will arrange for the final cleaning.

Additional Details:

Call Coldwell Banker Linwood Real Estate at 603-745-3400 if you have additional questions or require more details about our rental program or a specific unit.